Stray Dog Shocks The Whole Country By Doing A Miracle!

There is an amazing story that recently happened in Oman. Namely, the entire country was shocked when they heard how a stray dog rescued one newborn baby. Oman authorities are now investigating the incredible incident that left the citizens speechless. This story was instantly spread around the while Arab world through the social media.

The incident took place in Kharbika, Oman. It was a Sunday morning when a man was riding a bike and he suddenly saw one stray dog walking on the road carrying something in his mouth. In addition, he noticed a few blood drops on the road and he went closer so as to find out what was going on. He was very shocked by what he saw!

The dog was caring a newborn baby in his mouth. It was a little boy only a few hours old!!!

The man reacted immediately run towards the dog in order to save the baby as he thought that the dog was going to kill it. However, the dog delivered the baby to him. Those people who meanwhile gathered around the scene were shocked by this dog`s reaction.

The baby was immediately transferred to a hospital and the dog was wandering around there as it was expecting to find out how the child is. The doctors stated that the baby was not hurt despite the fact that this dog must have been carrying him for a very long time.

The child was perfectly fine!

The Oman authorities checked all the hospitals with the intention to see whether the dog has grabbed the baby from there. Yet, all the mothers had their babies.

However, there were some people who told the police that there was a girl who previously came to the ER but she refused to be examined by the doctors. After that she ran away from the hospital. The police suspects that this might be the mother of the newborn child and that she left him somewhere where the people won`t find him. Fortunately, this incredible dog found him!