She Felt An Awful Pain in Her Private Part, So She Went to Consult a Gynecologist: You’ll be Shocked When You See What He Found!


The blogger Michelle Barrow, shared very unusual personal story, in one post named ‘It happened to me’.

It is about one thing that a girl find out when she went to her usual annual OB/GYN visit.

The girl find out that the most unusual thing got stuck in her “private area”. Few weeks before her appointment, Michelle, a proud cat lover, felt some lower abdominal pain. She told that to the gynecologist and he immediately suspected an ovarian cyst.

However, she couldn’t believe that this problem is linked with her cat, right after the doctor found a hairball between her legs, and not some old tampon or sanitary napkin as the lady thought it might be.

The girl also thought that it was her own hair, however after all, she was very wrong. Maybe every one of you who reads this article is going to ask himself/herself how all this happened.

The answer is very simple, yet strange. Michelle sleeps with her cats, although she has a fiancé and shares the bed with him, he didn’t mind that. The cause for her problem was that the cats were leaving hairballs on the bed sheets, and during a se*ual act, one piece of hairball entered in the “private area” of the girl.

She said: ‘ My fiancé and I don’t use condoms so it’s going to be very easy for him to unknowingly have some hair on his pe*is and also during s*x it’d be very easy that hair to migrate to my strings where all got tangled up.

The thought still scares me.

” After all, she says that her abdominal pain has gone and that everything feels normal regarding her vagina. However, there is often present the feeling of horror and unease that a hairball was in there once. Because of that, you have to keep your dogs or cats as far as possible from your bed, no matter how much you adore and love them.