DIY Wicking Bed Container Gardening

Water is the essential element of gardening, because having great quality soil is just not enough.

However, if you live in a very dry area or you simply want to save some water when gardening, wicking bed containers are the answer for all your troubles. The wicking bed implies a water reservoir at the bottom of the garden bed so the plants can pull water from there.

You can create a wicking bed container at your home and spare some water this way.

In the following video you are going to find all the instructions on how you can create an under-soil water reservoir that is going to transport water to your plants through a pipe.

This is going to allow your plants to get the right amount of water that they need in order to stay hydrated and healthy. In addition, you will save a consistent amount of water.

Here is the video:

Apply the solution featured here with complete confidence!

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