Choosing Healthy Food is Very Important For Your Teeth. Here Are Some Tips About That

You have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, preferably sitting down enjoying your food — acid-producing bacteria which cause tooth decay remain on the teeth for 20 to 30 minutes after you eat.

Have planned snacks which you will eat in a brief period of time in between the meals — if you snack all day, you are increasing the amount of time that the acid-producing bacteria remain on the teeth.

Go for sweets as desserts right after the meal, instead of waiting to snack on sweets in between the meals — a lesser amount of dental decay is seen in the teeth of those who only eat sweets like desserts right after their meals.

If those foods with sugar are eaten in between the meals as a snack and also the sugar eaten in the foods that stick to the teeth such as raisins, toffee, caramels, or hard candy, they cause much more tooth decay.

If the drinks like milk and fruit juice which contain sugar are sipped during the day, they will increase the dental decay.

Carbonated sodas such as colas and fruit drinks are “double trouble” — the carbonation and sugar produce acid that eats the tooth enamel.

Chips, french fries, pretzels, cookies, bread will produce the same amount of acid as sweets — the foods made with processed starches such as sweets, carbonated sodas and fruit juices, also combine with acid-producing bacteria which causes the tooth decay.

TIPS For Healthy Eating For Having Healthy Teeth

  1. Consume a limited amount of foods rich with sugar and starches and serve them at meal times instead as a snack.
  2. During the day limit the snacking to previously planned times.
  3. Offer children only around 4-6 oz of juice per day.
  4. Consume more fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, meats, and yogurt plus whole grain breads, crackers and pasta.
  5. If you still want to drink carbonated drinks, drink them with meals and limit them to one glass per day.


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